Zoolander 2 – Derek Zoolander will Return


One of my favourite Ben Stiller comedies alongside Dodgeball is Zoolander starring the very very dim Derek Zoolander and from the recent news it appears we can finally expect a sequel to the 2001 movie. Ben stiller has talked many times about how he would like to bring the character back and it always seem to be a favourite Stiller movie among those that have seen it.

The original movie wasn’t a massive hit unfortunately only doubling its original budget so its not a surprise its taken a while to bring a sequel to the big screen. The story this time will feature around Paris Fashion Week and is being written by Stiller and Justin Theroux which i read about here at Joblo Via Deadline Hollywood.

Great news overall for Stiller and Zoolander fans, and if you haven’t seen the original yet and like your comedy flicks then be sure to check Zoolander out. More news on the sequel as we get it.