Max Max – Road Fury


The fourth movie in the Mad Max series is looking to be on the big screen in 2011 and it will be a twenty six year gap between this movie and the last, Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome. On the cast for certain is Charlize Theron as a yet unnamed character and rumoured to be playing Max Rockantansky himself is Mark Hildebrandt, although this is just rumoured currently.

Interestingly enough the story is to be set to carry on just after the previous movie and of course the original director of the previous movies George Miller is returning in the directors chair. It’s been quite a journey for Miller to get Mad Max Four off the ground with a previous attempt to make the movie cancelled during pre production and now seven years later the project is finally going ahead.

The real question is how will Mad Max stand up to the test of time, will it capture new audiences and will the original fans return to watch this? The answer is probably yes on all counts, more news on Mad Max – Road Fury as we get it.