Faster and More Furious as Two Sequels are Confirmed

fast_and_furious_review_1_thumbnail.jpg Vin Diesel has confirmed by his Facebook page that he has received a two story script for the next two Fast and Furious franchise movies. It seems that Diesel is back on board for the franchise that made him a household name, as he describes in his post below.
XXX 3 is Coming Soon – Vin Diesel on Board

xxx_3_thumbnail.jpg So with the return of Vin Diesel can they make XXX 3 a success, because in the second movie we were told about the death of Xander Cage, but it seems the rumours were false, and that Xander faked his own death to escape the National Security Agency. Now Cage is heading back there after a 8 year break
Fast and Furious – Movie Review

fast_and_furious_review_1_thumbnail.jpg The Fast and the Furious franchise is back on the big screen with more nitrous powered fun, with cars, guns, cops and family. In this the 4th movie in the ever popular series the main cast of the original movie are re united. Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez all back in the driving seat for the first time since The Fast and the Furious
Sequel to Riddick on its way but don’t expect it soon

chronicles_of_riddick_sequel_1_thumbnail.jpg Pitch Black was an out of the blue low key and low budget sci fi success, grossing almost double its cost. The sequel was almost inevitable but when Universal picked it up and heaped a hundred million budget on it they must have expected the same results that Pitch Black achieved. However The Chronicles of Riddick was a very different movie, much more epic in scale and it only just made back its budget, getting a very luke warm reception from critics
Babylon A.D. Review

babylon_ad_review_thumbnail.jpg The near future is a dark place and when a mercenary called Toorop takes a job that involves transporting a girl he picks off more than he can chew. This is the world of Babylon A D, directed by Mathieu Kassovitz who later slammed the studio who he believes has massacred his movie
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