The Thing Movie Review

the-thing-prequel-2011-movie-review-thumb.jpg The 2011 movie prequel The Thing, has exactly the same name as it's sequel, The Thing that was originally released in 1982, and the name is the only thing that is similar about the two movies. Being a prequel the 2011 The Thing is set at the Norwegian and American Antarctica team that are mentioned by the American Antarctic research team that star in the 1982 film, confusing isn't it!
John Carpenter returns to the big screen with new movie The Ward

the_ward_1_thumb.jpg The Ward is John Carpenters return to the big screen and the movie first premiered in September 2010 at the Toronto International Film Festival. Its all set for a UK Release on the 21st of January and its already been released in various other regions much to the delight of Carpenter fans. The Ward focuses on the story of a young institutionalized woman Kristen who is played by Amber Heard of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane fame and more recently starred in the Joneses with Demi Moore and David Duchovny
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The Thing Prequel is Coming

the_thing_prequel_1_thumb.jpg Good news for fans of John Carpenter's The Thing as a shooting date has now been announced for the prequel to the classic horror movie. The currently un-named prequel is set in the Norweigan Antartic base that we caught a glimpse of at the start of the 1982 original
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John Carpenter’s The Thing – Rewind

the_thing_thumbnail_1.jpg John Carpenter's the Thing dates back to 1982, i first watched it over 10 years ago on tv and it stuck in my head then and does now. This was down to its atmosphere sense of paranoia, split loyalties between the cast, some rather good special effects for the time and a very cool Antarctic setting.
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