Apollo 18 Movie Review

apollo-18-movie-revie-1-thumb.jpg Apollo 18 is a found footage movie that takes the premise that the cancelled flight to the moon actually happened and the reason it was never publicised is because the mission went horribly wrong. We see the story unfold through the old footage, as we follow the three astronauts played by Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen and Ryan Robbins on their secret mission to deploy a series of beacons onto the moon, to apparently receive or alert the Americans to any potential threats from the Russians. We meet the crew through footage and interviews of them, which I liked, it's a unique way to introduce the characters and sets up the movie. As the crew orbit and land on the moon they find that something strange is going on, when they find a Russian LK Lander on the moon with no crew, and start to doubt the real reasons for the mission
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