Alice in Wonderland – Posted

alice_in_wonderland_5_thumbnail.jpg This week Alice in Wonderland the upcoming movie from director Tim Burton is the focus of Posted, where we taking a look at the character posters from the movie which looks to be loaded with classic Tim Burton style. Alice in Wonderland stars Mia Wasikowska as Alice who at 19 ends up in Wonderland again where the Red Queen played by Helena Bonham Carter has overthrown her sister the White Queen played by Anne Hathaway. Alice once in Wonderland is greeted by the creatures there we all know
Get Smart – Review

get_smart_review_thumbnail_1.jpg Get Smart is a remake of an old TV show, amazingly its one I haven’t seen or heard of before and in this remake they have done a stellar job with the casting. Maxwell Smart is the lead character played by Steve Carell, Smart is a bumbling but intelligent agent who just isn’t quite front line material
Get Smart this summer

get_smart_1_thumbnail.jpg Get Smart is a film adaptation of the original 1960's Mel Brooks spy parody caper show
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The Devil Wears Prada – Review

devil_wears_prada_thumbnail_1.jpg The Devil Wears Prada is not the kind of movie i would normally choose to watch, that doesn't mean its a bad movie though, its not. Running at a time of 109 minutes its not overly long and its not so short that your left wanting for more.
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