Get Smart – Review


Get Smart is a remake of an old TV show, amazingly its one I haven’t seen or heard of before and in this remake they have done a stellar job with the casting.  Maxwell Smart is the lead character played by Steve Carell, Smart is a bumbling but intelligent agent who just isn’t quite front line material and he has this rubbed in his face by the successful and suave Agent 23 who is your typical secret agent played by Dwayne the Rock Johnson.  Agent 99 is a female agent who has lots of experience in the field and is unwillingly partnered with field newbie Smart, and is played by the very pretty and talented Anne Hathaway.  Bring in Alan Arkin and Terence Stamp as the boss of the good guys and the bad guys respectively and you have a cast that is pretty solid all the way around.

Get Smart is kept going by its cast, its not packed with laughs but its funny at points and some moment made me laugh out loud.  The story ambles along respectably and some of the action scenes are entertaining but all the elements don’t seem to mesh as well as they should. I found Get smart was generally entertaining with a lull in the slightly out of shape mid section of the movie but by the time the ending arrived the pace was back up to a decent level.  If they make a sequel to Get Smart I’ll watch it but I wont be fighting my way to the front of the queue.