Alice in Wonderland – Posted

alice_in_wonderland_5_thumbnail.jpg This week Alice in Wonderland the upcoming movie from director Tim Burton is the focus of Posted, where we taking a look at the character posters from the movie which looks to be loaded with classic Tim Burton style. Alice in Wonderland stars Mia Wasikowska as Alice who at 19 ends up in Wonderland again where the Red Queen played by Helena Bonham Carter has overthrown her sister the White Queen played by Anne Hathaway. Alice once in Wonderland is greeted by the creatures there we all know
Tron Legacy – Movie Trailer

tron_legacy_1_thumb.jpg The Tron Legacy trailer page is up and it's looking pretty amazing! For those of you who remember the 1982 original Tron or who caught up with it a little later should remember what a stylish looking film Tron was, and its sequel is looking just as amazing. Back from the original is Jeff Bridges once again in the role of Kevin Flynn who in the original movie played a computer programmer who got caught up in a virtual world
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Up and The Big Shot Caller – Posted

up_posted_1_thumbnail.jpg In this edition of Posted we have two new movie posters for you to take a look at. One is a low budget indie film about a man gaining his mojo back through salsa dancing and the other is the latest animated film from the mighty mighty Pixar
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The Prince of Persia – The Sands of Time movie

prince_of_persia_sands_of_time_1_thumbnail.jpg The long running video game series the Prince of Persia, is gearing up for filming with Jerry Bruckheimer at the helm
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Pirates of the Caribbean – Possible sequel news

pirates_of_the_caribbean_2_thumbnail.jpg The News is all around about a sequel to the hugely popular Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy is in the pipeline. Jack Sparrow is reported to be coming back for another round of Pirate related fun and tomfoolery
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National Treasure 2 – The Book of Secrets – News

national_treasure_book_of_secrets_thumbnail_2.jpg National Treasure 2 is due out this Christmas season with the fancy title National Treasure 2 – title here. All the major cast players are back on board from the original which was a big success for Disney, filling in that family action movie niche that appeals to all ages
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Ratatouille – Review

ratatouille_thumbnail_1.jpg Ratatouille is a Pixar animated movie, based in France. We follow the story of a Rat, Remy who can and wants to cook, unlike most rats who are happy to eat scraps and off food
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