The Other Boleyn Girl, Street Kings & Doomsday – Posted

other_boleyn_girl_posted_thumbnail.jpg The Other Boleyn Girl has a cool poster with a style that is eye catching and high on colour usage
Get Smart this summer

get_smart_1_thumbnail.jpg Get Smart is a film adaptation of the original 1960's Mel Brooks spy parody caper show
Posted on - March 4th, 2008 | Tags: , , ,
The Mighty Boosh – On the big screen

the_mighty_boosh_1_thumbnail.jpg News and rumors are surfacing about a film version of the very awesome, Mighty Boosh
Posted on - March 3rd, 2008 | Tags: , , , ,
The Love Guru trailer – Mike Myers is back

love_guru_1_thumbnail.jpg Its been ages since we last saw Mike Myers playing one of his own characters
Posted on - March 1st, 2008 | Tags: , ,
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