WALL-E, Hellboy II – The Golden Army and The Love Guru – Posted

wall_e_1_posted_1_thumbnail.jpg Once again we have a fine mix of new movie posters, from Pixar animation to Mike Myers Comedy
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The Love Guru trailer – Mike Myers is back

love_guru_1_thumbnail.jpg Its been ages since we last saw Mike Myers playing one of his own characters
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The Love Guru, CJ7 and Fools Gold – Posted

cj7_3_posted_thumbnail.jpg This week, we have another varied selection of new movie posters for your perusal
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Shrek the 3rd news and details

shrek_3_thumbnail_1.jpg Shrek is back for a 3rd movie, testament to the success of the previous 2 movies. Well this time Shrek and Fiona are on royal duties in Far Far Away Land, when really all they want is to be back at home in the nice muddy swamp!
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