The Other Boleyn Girl, Street Kings & Doomsday – Posted


The Other Boleyn Girl has a cool poster with a style that is eye catching and high on colour usage. You don’t often see masses of green in design, so this poster stands out for that reason. It also has a good cast including Scarlet Johansson, Natalie Portman and Eric Bana. The Critics however haven’t been to kind, but I expect the film looks suitably lush and fancy. With costume designs done by Sandy Powell, who is an academy award winner and has been involved in films like Shakespeare in Love, The Aviator and the Gangs of New York . The Other Boleyn Girl should be released already in most places.

Street Kings is jam packed full of big names and up and coming actors, from Forest Whitaker to Hugh Laurie, with Keanu Reeves topping the bill as cop Tom Ludlow. In the film Ludlow finds himself in situations he’s not entirely used too after his wife dies, and then his freedom is put in jeopardy, when he is set up and framed for a criminal murder. Street Kings has been linked with a number or directors over the years and its taken a while to get where is it, the release seems a somewhat low key affair despite a solid cast, Street Kings is due out around April 2008 in most places

Finally we have one of the new posters for Doomsday, the Neil Marshall helmed, upcoming apocalyptic action thriller. Doomsday has had a website and promo material makeover, with some new images and styling added. We’ve already covered Doomsday in quite some depth so here is one of the new posters to enjoy, still looking forward to this film.

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