Gamer trailer now released – Watch here

gamer_movie_trailer_thumbnail.jpg Gamer the upcoming futuristic online game where players control prison inmates in real world combat situations has its first trailer release. Definitely a movie for the online first person shooter playing fans, gamer has fairly unoriginal plot line that seemingly looks to be borrowing quite a lot of its plot from Death Race 2000 where the combatants in the game are actually death row prison inmates who though playing the game have a chance to have their sentences overturned
Gamer – Futuristic online gaming gets a little more real

gamer_1_thumbnail.jpg Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor the writer/directors who came up with the very full on movie Crank, have turned out another slightly off the wall movie concept in upcoming movie Gamer starring Gerard Butler. The title should give something away in what appears to be a take on the game show style movies we have seen before with a new twist bringing the movie format up to date for the online generation
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