Gamer trailer now released – Watch here


Gamer the upcoming futuristic online game where players control prison inmates in real world combat situations has its first trailer release.  Definitely a movie for the online first person shooter playing fans, gamer has fairly unoriginal plot line that seemingly looks to be borrowing quite a lot of its plot from Death Race 2000 where the combatants in the game are actually death row prison inmates who though playing the game have a chance to have their sentences overturned.  Due to be released early September this year Gamer has already gone through a few name changes from the original title Game, then to Citizen Game, and now finally Gamer which is think its probably the best of the bunch.

We already reported on Gamer earlier this month detailing the cast and looking at the very swish interactive poster for Gamer here.

And here is the trailer for Gamer in HD, if the concept intrigues you, or possibly your a fan of the Crank films which were written and directed by the same duo working on Gamer it may well be for you.  What do you think so far, is it a Quake or is it a Duke Nukem Forever?