Kung Fu Hustle – Rewind



Kung Fu Hustle starts off as it means to go on in a grand, violent, quite brooding and often comical fashion, a movie mash up that really excels in a lot of areas. Kung fu Hustle is a movie directed by and Starring Stephen Chow, and has so many good things about it, it’s hard to cover them all.

We follow Chows characters Sing, a lowly thief who dreams of joining the Axe Gang for the sake of fame and money. With his sidekick by his side they end up meeting the Pig village residents who end up making a stand against the violent axe gang. From here things snowball and really to tell you more would spoil the movie, even thought the storyline is pure fantasy.

The film features some great sets and special effects, it really is a treat for the eye, with a strong visual style and lots going on. The Martial arts scenes are also excellent but won’t satisfy purists as everything here is pushed to its limits in terms of imagination and visuals. The comedy is slapstick and more than a few moments in the film pay homage to cartoons of old.

Overall the film excels in certain areas, and there is not much like this out there, if you watched Shaolin Soccer and liked the mix of humour and martial arts, or think you would like to watch a Jackie Chan movies with a surreal slant, then Kung fu hustle is going to be right up your street.