Best Worst Movie – Movie Trailer and News

best_worst_movie_1_thumb.jpg If you haven't heard of the movie Troll 2 then after watching the documentary, Best Worst Movie then you will have. The film is directed by the child star of the movie Troll 2, Micheal Stephenson and covers the cult status that Troll 2 has earned as one of the best, worst movies ever
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The Dungeon Masters and Monsters vs. Aliens – Posted

monsters_vs_aliens_thumbnail.jpg This week in Posted we have two new movie posters for you to browse upon, from a documentary following 3 role playing fanatics to the latest and highly polished Dreamworks animation movie
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Air Guitar Nation – Rewind

air_guitar_nation_1_thumbnail.jpg Air Guitaring is something you might do from time to time, but probably wouldn’t admit, well the stars of Air Guitar Nation are not all that worried.
The The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters – Review

king_of_kong_1_thumbnail.jpg The The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters is a documentary story about the world high score record for the Nintendo arcade classic, Donkey Kong
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Surfwise Special – Posted

surfwise_posted_thumbnail.jpg This week once again we have a trio of posters, but for a change they are all focusing on one movie, Surfwise
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