Starship Troopers – Rewind



In the future the Earth is at war with the Alien bugs from Klendathu, and soldiers from the Earth’s military need to stop them. We follow the story of Johnny Rico who is just a student that joins the military along with the girl he’s dating to earn his full citizenship. Soon the doubts about war and why he signed up set in, and through a series of battles and journeys, Rico and the rest of the starship troopers have to risk a lot to try and stop the invading Klendathu.

Throughout the movie were brought along for the ride through the use of the war propaganda that the government issues, director Paul Verhoovan creates a nice anti war message while still keeping the movie light in nature with all the action you would expect from a movie like this.

The result is a high tempo & cleverly made movie, with humorous anti war undercurrents. Throw in a whole load of action, some tidy special effects and the science fiction elements that Verhoovan does so well and you have the kind of movie that rarely gets made to this quality level. Forget the sequel, the animated series and even the upcoming Starship Troopers 3 with some of the origional cast, Starship Troopers the origional is the real deal.