The Dead Pool – Rewind



The third movie in the Dirty Harry series, the Dead Pool follows no nonsense cop Harry Callaghan played by Clint Eastwood. This is of course one of Eastwood’s most well known characters alongside his other trilogy crossing character the man with no name in Leone’s Fistful of dollars movies.

The Dead Pool title refers to a murder that Eastwood works on and ends up with him getting in trouble with a schizophrenic man who is on a killing spree, actually believing he is someone else.

With it being a Dirty Harry movie we see Eastwood getting to be a badass and getting to win against the bad guys slowly but surely. You aren’t going to see much character development here as the movie is based on the already established Callaghan. As far as production and value goes don’t expect anything to amazing here the movie has dated quite badly and while being entertaining its been eclipsed many times over by similar movies and even TV shows that do this better, in fact it does have a TV show kind of feel to it after all these years.

My favorite part of the Dead Pool is quite a long remote control car scene, in fact this part of the movie is quite unintentionally funny and weird at the same time, and while it tries desperately to be serious, a tiny remote control car going 50mph chasing a full size car isn’t that scary and pretty unrealistic. But if you see the Dead Pool on TV late at night, maybe you should watch it just for the car scene which is the unintentional comic highlight in a just average movie.