3 films that tried to fill the Indiana Jones gap – 3 Things

3_things_indiana_jones_1_thumbnail.jpg Now Indiana Jones is back, it does make things a little different, but just remember that there was a massive void in the cinema for an Indiana Jones style series for almost 20 years. Many came and tried to fill the void and none appeared to really succeed in capturing the fan base or the hearts of the Indiana Jones fans but that didn’t stop them trying though, let’s take a look at what was offered up to the gods of treasure hunting at the movies
National Treasure 2 – The Book of Secrets – News

national_treasure_book_of_secrets_thumbnail_2.jpg National Treasure 2 is due out this Christmas season with the fancy title National Treasure 2 – title here. All the major cast players are back on board from the original which was a big success for Disney, filling in that family action movie niche that appeals to all ages
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National Treasure 2, Iron Man and No Country for Old Men – Posted

national_treasure_2_posted_main_thumbnail.jpg This week were bringing you another comic book to movie adaptation in the form of Ironman, we have sequel updates with Walt Disney's follow up National Treasure - The Book of Secrets. Finally we have a new Coen Brothers movie with an interesting cast.
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National Treasure 2 – The book of secrets

national_treasure_thumbnail_1.jpg National Treasure the Disney adventure movie from 2004 is getting a sequel, I remember watching the original a while back and it was a fairly fun movie, while at the same time not being anything amazing.
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