Predators – Full Trailer

predators_trailer_1_thumb.jpg With Predators all set for a summer release, 20th Century Fox have released the full trailer to bring back the old and new fans alike in the Robert Rodriguez produced and Nimrod Antal directed movie. This is the fifth movie in the franchise if you count AVP one and two, but has more in common with the origonal Predator movie, than any of the sequels
The Joneses – Movie Trailer and Preview

the_joneses_1_thumb.jpg The Joneses is an upcoming comedy drama focusing on The Joneses of course, who are more than just your average neighbours. The Joneses are actually a family who work for a marketing company and who have a natural aptitude for promotion and selling, using undercover and viral techniques to pitch luxury good to their new neighbours
Get Him to the Greek – Movie Trailer

get_him_to_the_greek.com_thumb.jpg Get Him to the Greek is the somewhat sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall and follows the story of Russell Brand's character Aldous Snow as Jonah Hill character Aaron Green tries in vain to get the British rock star on time to a concert at the Los Angeles Greek Theatre. Although both Brand and Hill return in this movie Hill is playing a completely new character as a college graduate who starts his intern at a record company when he gets the unenviable job of transporting Aldous Snow
Solomon Kane – Movie Trailer

solomon_kane_1_thumb.jpg This fantasy movie is based on the Solomon Kane character from writer Robert E. Howard, who is most well known for Conan the Barbarian books which have of course already been made in movies. This movie is directed by Michael J Bassett and stars little know James Purefoy in the title role of Solomon Kane
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Suicide Girls Must Die – Movie Trailer

suicide_girls_must_die_1_thumb.jpg Suicide Girls Must Die is a reality TV horror movie which features the very popular Internet models, The Suicide Girls, who like their tattoos, piercings and striped hair and look mighty fine in my opinion. The story in the movie follows 12 of the Suicide girls who are visiting a remote cabin to do a calendar shoot. Everything is getting documented on video camera by Missy and Sawa who are in charge of the shoot, and little to the models knowledge they plan to shoot the first reality horror movie featuring the suicide girls
The Last Airbender – Movie Trailer

the_last_airbender_1_thumb.jpg M. Night Shyamalan's latest feature film The Last Airbender now has its first official teaser trailer and you can take a look at it right here. In typical Shyamalan style the trailer doesn't really give anything away but it sure looks pretty
Takers – Movie Trailer

takers_1_thumb.jpg Takers is an upcoming all star cast filled crime thriller that sees a crew of high level theives who are drawn into a robbery against a gung ho detective aiming to spoil their plans. The cast of the robbers include Paul Walker, Chris Brown, Idris Elba and Hayden Christensen. Also on the cast we have Zoe Salander who you might recognize from Avatar although in this movie she is noticbly less blue. Played the good guy in the movie is Matt Dillon the hard boiled cop who is looking to take the crew down
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Furry Vengeance – Movie Trailer

furry_vengeance_1_thumbnail.jpg Furry Vengeance is an up and coming comedy movie starring Brendan Fraser as Dan Sanders a real estate developer who finds that in the Oregon Wilderness his new housing plans face major threat from the most deadly of creatures.. yes the local wildlife. Furry Vengeance also stars Brook Shields and Tammy Sanders and Ken Jeong and Dick Van Dyke and is all set to be released on the 7th of May 2010
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Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood Trailer

robin_hood_1_thumb.jpg Ridley Scott's 2010 adaptation of the Robin Hood legend starring Russell Crowe in the title role has it's first trailer. This is the first time we have actually covered this new version of Robin Hood and the reason is, that I've seen so many version, serious and parodies of this world that I'm not sure if I can watch another. Ridley Scott will no doubt bring an intensity and seriousness to the movie that we wont have seen since the Kevin Costner version hit the big screen but will it really be anything different?
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Iron Man 2 Trailer Surfaces

iron_man_2_14_thumbn.jpg The first full Iron Man 2 trailer has finally surfaced and is sure to get all the fans of the first movie whipped up into a frenzy as the Tony Stark story continues where it left off after the last movie. Stark is now out as such in the public and everyone knows he has an alter ego, but now they know who the technology comes from everyone wants a piece of the action
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