The A-Team Movie Review

a_team_5_thumb.jpg The long awaited big screen movie version of the popular TV show The A-Team follows the story of a group of elite combat unit soldiers who while out in Iraq are contacted by the CIA to tackle a group of Iraqi insurgents
Final A-Team Trailer is here

a_team_5_thumb.jpg With summer now in sight and the A-Team having a summer release date it's time to take a look at the second and final trailer for the upcoming reboot of the classic TV series onto the big screen
A-Team Movie Trailer Surfaces – We Love it When a Plan Comes Together

a_team_5_thumb.jpg With the new A-Team movie all set to surface in summer this year, the first trailer for Joe Carnahan's big screen version of the TV hit show has arrived. We get to see all the team do their thing in possibly one of the most disappointing trailers i've seen this year so far!
A-Team casting completed with Jessica Biel and Sharlto Copley

a_team_2_thumbnail.jpg It looks as though the A-Team cast is shaping up nicely, with Jessica Biel on board to play the ex of Faceman's Bradley Cooper. District 9 stand out star Sharlto Copley is now officially signed to take on the role of Howling Mad Murdock and should be a good choice