The A-Team Movie Review


The long awaited big screen movie version of the popular TV show The A-Team follows the story of a group of elite combat unit soldiers who while out in Iraq are contacted by the CIA to tackle a group of Iraqi insurgents. The Insurgents have a group of US treasury plates and are counterfeiting cash, over 1 billion dollars and the A-Team take on the job in a black ops capacity that later backfires as the CIA agent in charge of the operation, Agent lynch is unable to help them when a private security firm Black Forest destroy the money, the plates and the A-teams commanding officer General Morrison who was the only man who can confirm the operation was on behalf of the US Government leaving the A-Team as wanted fugitives.

The A-Team movie adaptation has been in development hell for so many years that I personally never thought it would actually get made, and over the years there has been a lot of speculation over which Hollywood stars would best play the crew. The actual casting is pretty good, liam Neeson takes on the calm leading role of Hannibal Smith, Bradley Cooper takes on the ladies man role of Templeton ‘Face’ Peck, Sharlto Copley from District 9 plays Murdock and mixed martial arts star Quinton Rampage Jackson takes on the role of BA Barracus. Joining the boys club is Jessica Biel who has the beauty and the brawns to stay in mix playing a military captain that is an ex flame of Face’s.

Having grown up watching the original A-Team show on Saturday afternoons, I used to love it when they made a giant tank out of some corrugated iron sheets and a few tins cans, and this movie carries the TV shows tone perfectly, in that it really doesn’t take itself to seriously. Joe Carnahan handles fast paced action movies well and he never lets up with the pace on this one with the 117 minute run time flying past. The A-Team slips in enough classic lines and still features the original van design from the TV show, it doesn’t try to be ultra serious and keeps the pace up, fans of the TV show most likely won’t be disappointed.