A-Team casting completed with Jessica Biel and Sharlto Copley


It looks as though the A-Team cast is shaping up nicely, with Jessica Biel on board to play the ex of Faceman’s Bradley Cooper.  District 9 stand out star Sharlto Copley is now officially signed to take on the role of Howling Mad Murdock and should be a good choice.

It was that broke the story and also listed that Watchmen’s Patrick Wilson is also signed on to play a CIA operative.  Production has already begun on the A-Team and with Carnahan directing you can surely expect at least a visually stylish movie, and with the rumours about MMA star Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson now confirmed the casting for A-Team looks pretty strong.

Hopefully they will get the tone right with this movie, the show was known for its fun factor and the fact that the A-Team could be an armored tank out of just a few sheets of corrugated iron and some oil drums, i’m sure thats going to be ramped up in this big budget re-invention but i personally hope they keep some of the silliness that made the show so much fun.