High Fidelity – Rewind

high_fidelity_thumbnail_1.jpg High Fidelity is a movie based on a Nick Hornby novel starring John Cusack. The film follows Rob Gordon played by John Cusask and is a perfect movie for him he does this role so well. I did enjoy the movie but I wasn’t sure if I would initially, its not the kind of movie i would normally go out of my way to see.
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Brotherhood of the Wolf – Rewind

brotherhood_of_the_wolf_thumbnail_1.jpg Brotherhood of the wolf is a movie that slipped under my radar completely until a couple of years after its release when i read about it, then went out and bought the dvd. Since then ive recommended it to many people.
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John Carpenter’s The Thing – Rewind

the_thing_thumbnail_1.jpg John Carpenter's the Thing dates back to 1982, i first watched it over 10 years ago on tv and it stuck in my head then and does now. This was down to its atmosphere sense of paranoia, split loyalties between the cast, some rather good special effects for the time and a very cool Antarctic setting.
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The Italian Job – Rewind

the_italian_job_thumbnail_1.jpg In 2003 a reworking of the 1967 movie 'The Italian Job' was released. So 30 years and a much loved classic movie that is on tv most years at some point gets an update with a mainly american cast.
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