High Fidelity – Rewind


High Fidelity is a movie based on a Nick Hornby novel starring John Cusack. The film follows Rob Gordon played by John Cusask and is a perfect movie for him he does this role so well. I did enjoy the movie but I wasn’t sure if I would initially, its not the kind of movie i would normally go out of my way to see.

For starters there are no explosions, no guns, no kung fu and no car chases, so what is there for the average movie goer. Well it’s all about relationships just like the other well known book to film adaptation from Hornby was, About a Boy. it’s very similar to that movie in content and idea but High Fidelity is much cooler because it has a music store in it and no Hugh grant playing a guitar on a stage.

As we follow Gordon around we see his music store where he employs various music fanatics including Jack Black who is hard to watch in this role after you have seen him do bigger things. When Gorden breaks up with with his girl friend starts to re evaluate his life and question why every things is going wonky, he revisits all of his previous failed relationships. Wow sounds like an upbeat film right? So alongside a member of core characters who evolve and grow which is the main theme in this movie is relationships and learning as a person, its serious stuff I tell you. The movie also features some characters we never get to see in person in the movie. I always like this tactic in movies and tv shows.


So yes it’s a decent movie, about people. their lives, their record collections, their relationships, the ups and downs, their growth and their journeys. Oh and it has some funny moments too, quite a lot in fact squished in between all the relationship analysis, with some good performances some nice cameos and some great top 5 lists