Brotherhood of the Wolf – Rewind


Brotherhood of the wolf is a movie that slipped under my radar completely until a couple of years after its release when i read about it, then went out and bought the dvd. Since then ive recommended it to many people.

Brotherhood of the Wolf, Pact de Coups in its native language is a French movie based on a mythical story/fairytale/piece of history from the 18th century. It follows the story of a explorer & philosopher Chevalier de Fronsac played by Samuel Le Bihan who along with his companion Mani played by Mark Dascoes, who go to the French town of Gevaudan to investigate a series of murder that the locals cannot solve themselves. The locals provide the information they have and inform Fronsac about the beast. Previously the towns guardsmen have failed to capture the beast and Fronsac now employs his methods of tracking the killer.

This movie blew me away the first time, visually it looks rich, it also blends many styles and ideas and carries them all along at a subtle pace that allows you be immersed in the world. Support comes from Monica Bellluci and Vincent Cassel and all round performances are very good Belluci is especially good. Brotherhood of the Wolf is French so that is the spoken language, the dubbing is okay, and if you don’t like it you always have the option of subtitles.


So dark rich visuals, period costumes, olde world settings, martial arts with a blending of styles, solid performances and murder and politics are all embroiled in a movie which is rather lengthy yet has a large number of really stand out scenes that break the movie up. The story wont withstand intense scrutiny and some elements are almost brought to the point where they could suspend disbelief but this is far outweighed by a film the like of which you wont have seen very often, interesting fact its the highest grossing French movie to date.