Surrogates – Science Fiction Flick Starring Bruce Willis

surrogates_1_thumbnail.jpg Surrogates is a soon to be released science fiction movie starring Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike and Ving Rhames. Set in the future Surrogates is staged in 2017 and the world is a very different place,people live almost in isolation using remote robotic bodies that look identical to humans, called surrogates. These surrogates allow people to travel into the real world without any fear of harm or danger which all changes when humans using surrogates start dying while inhabiting their robotic clones
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Fracture – Review

fracture_thumbnail_1.jpg Fracture is a straight as an arrow movie, with an unflashy but gripping setup. We follow Willie Beacham played by Ryan Gosling who take on a DA Prosecution case against Theodore Crawford played by Anthony Hopkins
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