Fracture – Review


Fracture is a straight as an arrow movie, with an unflashy but gripping setup. We follow Willie Beacham played by Ryan Gosling who take on a DA Prosecution case against Theodore Crawford played by Anthony Hopkinswho has attempted to murder his own wife in their home after he found out about a mystery affair that she was having.

Fractures is a battle of minds and skill as the assured young DA is pitted against the attention to detail freak who never missed a flaw in anything. The casting is great, Hopkins and Gosling are both superb in their roles, with sideline characters played by Rosamund Pike and David Strathairn doing a great job too. Im many ways Fracture seems old school in style with minimal special effects and a lack of car chases and explosions. As this is the trend nowadays this actually makes Fracture seem a little pedestrian and were it not for the very gripping storyline and great acting you might not see this through.

As it stands though Fracture is a refreshing change from giant blockbusters, it has good acting, a decent storyline and it doesn’t allow you to guess the outcome. An adult thriller than shuns the typical violence, nudity and explosions that often turn up and it doesn’t suffer for it one bit.