Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs trailer thaws – Check it out

ice_age_dawn_of_the_dinosaurs_2_thumbnail.jpg Ice Age and Ice Age two, were two of my favorite animated movies, they had a mix of slapstick, verbal comedy and a mix of characters that all helped the films to run along and keep you fully entertained. Well the third movie in the series has just got its first trailer
Ice Age – Dawn of the Dinosaurs – news and trailer

ice_age_dawn_of_the_dinosaurs_1_thumbnail.jpg Fox have put out the teaser trailer for the upcoming Ice Age sequel of the sequel, Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs
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Ice Age 3 – Back in Digital 3d

ice_age_3_thumbnail.jpg Ice Age one and two were both pretty massive overall successes and of course Fox Animation are bringing back the cast for a third Ice Age outing. If this new movie is as fun as the last couple, then I doubt anyone is going to be complaining to loudly
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Ice Age 2 – Review

ice_age_thumbnail_2.jpg Ice Age 2 is just one of the many animated movies to surface this year, they often gross large amounts at the box office and have turned into very common fixtures in the cinema.
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