Ice Age 2 – Review


Ice Age 2 is just one of the many animated movies to surface this year, they often gross large amounts at the box office and have turned into very common fixtures in the cinema. Ice Age 2 is an enjoyable ride though, it features lots of interesting characters, slapstick humor and packing in cute as anything animation with some great writing.

Ice Age 2 is set in the Antarctic, no prizes for guessing that though. It starts of with a saber toothed squirrel frantically trying to keep hold of his acorn, which is about as big as him. This is a running joke and throughout the movie we cut back to see how the squirrel is doing, usually he’s not doing very well.

The rest of the story follows the inhabitants of the valley and their journey as they travel to find a raft which will save them from the impending collapse of the ice wall in the valley. If the ice wall does collapse the inhabitants homes will be flooded so they have to make a move before the worst happens.

I don’t normally watch a lot of animated movies but this was great, the acting is good and the voices suit the animals. The three main characters are very funny and along their journey they meet a wooly mammoth who believes she is a possum, and likes to hang in trees by her tail at night. Obviously impossible but quite amusing to see. The movie looks great too, the computer animated graphics are not overdone and really nicely stylized.