Gamer – Futuristic online gaming gets a little more real


Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor the writer/directors who came up with the very full on movie Crank, have turned out another slightly off the wall movie concept in upcoming movie Gamer starring Gerard Butler.  The title should give something away in what appears to be a take on the game show style movies we have seen before with a new twist bringing the movie format up to date for the online generation.

Gamer follows the story of Gerard Butlers character Kable, a contestant or ‘Slayer’ as they are known watched by millions in a game where he is controlled by another human.  The Slayers are unwilling contestants and Gamer follows Kable as he tries to remember who he is and escape the game.  Gamer also stars Zoe Bell, Alison Lohman, John Leguizamo, Kyra Sedgwick, Aaron Yoo and Milo Ventimiglia in a cast that mixes experience with some up and coming actors and actresses.

Sounds like a whole load of rather cheesy fun to me, i just hope they get the tone of this right and play it rather slapstick just like they did with Crank, it could be this generations Running Man means Total Recall all in one crazy movie.  And in the meantime check out the very cool poster below.