Sequel to Riddick on its way but don’t expect it soon


Pitch Black was an out of the blue low key and low budget sci fi success, grossing almost double its cost.  The sequel was almost inevitable but when Universal picked it up and heaped a hundred million budget on it they must have expected the same results that Pitch Black achieved.  However The Chronicles of Riddick was a very different movie, much more epic in scale and it only just made back its budget, getting a very luke warm reception from critics.

Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick director David Twohy and star Vin Diesel have openly talked about their passion for the character and the universe they wanted to build, with a third movie in the series always a consideration yet with the second movie not really reaching its potential it made the possibility of future films much more difficult.

Well Gamespot have an interesting interview with Vin Diesel here, where he talks about a new video game based on the Riddick character and also confirms that a third movie is definately on its way.   Its an interesting read and for anyone who played the original game Butchers Bay, well worth checking out.  You can also take a look at our previous story on the possibility of a sequel here.  And also our review of the original movie Pitch Black here.