Riddick could be back – David Twohy talks


So Pitch Black was an out of the blue blast of sci-fi fun loaded with great characters in a gripping scenario. It launched the anti hero character of Riddick which director David Twohy brought back in the Chronicles of Riddick the second of a planned trilogy. Riddick however didn’t make a lot of cash at the box office but has since done more than well in the DVD format, and combined with its relatively modest budget is what has made this potential sequel a possibility.

Twohy states on his website ‘ Okay, okay, now on to the really important stuff like “What the fuck is happening with RIDDICK?” Yes i get your emails demanding another movie; yes, i keep bumping into your guys in airports and at conventions and i take your pleas to heart. All i can say is “We’re talking about it.” The DVD numbers were really good – we know that, and some potential financiers know that. But if another movie surfaces, it probably wont be a Universal movie and probably will be an independant movie. Which means we’ll have to make it for substantially less than the last installment. But that’s okay. PITCH BLACK was $22 million all in. Maybe its time to go back to our roots – as we go on to The Underverse.’

So it may be we see another Riddick movie from the originally planned trilogy by Twohy. Hopefully it will have all the good elements of pitch black and the Chronicles or Riddick, without as many silly words that the sequel had. Of course certain ones are here to stay, like the Underverse, and they wonder why it bombed at the box office.

Personally I think Twohy writes decent scripts, with great emphasis on individual characters and their personalities rather than just the dialogue to explain the story. Ill probably be looking forward to this if it gets made and goes back to its indy roots like Pitch Black.