Wild Target – Movie Trailer


Wild Target is a British comedy movie that follows the story of a lone wolf assassin Victor Maynard played by Bill Nighy, who has a rather demanding mother who is always on his back regarding keeping to his assassins code.  When Victor has to make a hit on the extremely cute and charming art thief Rose played by Emily Blunt, Victor finds himself rather taken and unable to complete his job.  After a conscious struggle and a bungled attempt to rectify the situation Victor ends up protecting Rose and a stray young lad Tony played by Rupert Grint who witnessed the whole debacle, as the man conned by Rose tries to exact revenge by hiring another assassin.

Wild Target is just about to be released in the states while the UK release happened earlier this year.  I have actually seen Wild Target and found it to be just above average but as its British I’m rather biased and think you should all check out the trailer for this rather quirky and often humorous yet somewhat unrealistic hitman/conman comedy.

You can take a look at the trailer for Wild Target right here.