Timeline – Rewind



Timeline was a movie that has one of the worst trailers I have ever seen in the history of cinema, I remember when I saw it I instantly though that this is a movie I should avoid at all costs. So it’s a few years down the line and while at the DVD rental store I was looking for a movie to go into a 3 DVD for one type of rental deal and I saw this. So I though yeh why not, ill take a chance and have a look, just to see if it is as bad a movie as the trailer showed.

Timeline has a rather preposterous plot involving a loop hole being discovered and transportation through time that involves a lot of mirror and the breaking down of molecules. The Main characters are archaeologists who are digging a site where the battle of name name went on, when the dig leader disappears they get involved in a scientific project that leads back in time to the battle. Fortunately the characters are developed sufficiently before this point to hook you in enough to give the movie a break, All the main characters are given a bit of involvement and some back-story and lots of them are played by actors from the United Kingdom, including Billy Connelly, David Thewlis, Gerard Butler and the Gorgeous Anna Freil, well those are the ones that I recognized, there may have been more.

There is a lot of polish in Timeline, it’s well done and they are aiming for covering all the market audiences. Some of the acting is ropey but you will get caught up in what’s going to happen with the characters and this is enough to see you through to the end of the movie. So all in all, no where near as bad as the trailer, some slightly wooden acting, slightly cheesy with some good action, some solid direction, likeable characters and a slickly produced movie for all ages.