The Transporter 3 – Trailer from nowhere


Frank Martin is back, the man who gets stuff from A to B, no questions asked. I really was shocked when i saw this, id heard about The Transporter 3 i just didnt expect to see it so soon. Its a welcome surprise though, of recent years the Transporter has been the highlight of the action movie scene, with nifty direction, style and some excellent set pieces. Both Jason Statham as Frank Martin and Fracois Berleand as Tarconi are back for the third movie. Direction is handled by Olivier Megatron who was a Second unit director for Besson and also a former graffitti artist, so i should expect this to be a stylish looking movie. Even though the trailer has a couple of moments which had wondering if this was Crank 3 or The Transporter 3, it still looks solid and ill definately be catching this one.

You can check out the trailer by visiting here.