The Spirit is coming, my city screams, she is my lover, and I am her spirit


Frank Millers adaptation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit is all set to land this December in theatres near you. With the writing and direction handled in the main by Miller who was pretty much hand picked by film producer Michael Uslan, and Uslan who had promised the creator Eisner that he would not let the project go to someone who didn’t get the tone of the comic.

And what a fine choice, with Sin City still ranking as one of the freshest movies of recent years, The Spirit looks all set to follow in the footsteps of its spiritual predecessor. Cue CG backdrops, film noir looks splintered by splashes of colour all set in a retro yet modern time zone, which hand picks the most stylish designs from all era’s and you have a movie that is going to be a beauty to watch.

The cast is also layered with some big names including Samuel L Jackson as the films villain the Octopus with Scarlett Johansson as his secretary and partner in crime. Eva Mendes plays Sand Saref with Gabriel Macht as Denny Colt better known as the Spirit.

If you haven’t checked out the style and look of the Spirit yet you can watch the trailer here at the official website, and also of note is this exclusive Behind the scenes cast crew mash up over at Rotten Tomatoes here. Both well worth a watch.