The Slammin Salmon – Movie Trailer and News


The Slammin Salmon is the latest comedy movie from the comedy group Broken Lizard who brought you Beer Fest and Super Troopers, Starring Micheal Duncan Clark as a restaurant boss who has a prize for the top performing waiter who can make the most money in one night so that the boss can pay off his debts to the Japanese Yakuza a that are after his head.

The trailer for Slammin Salmon looks great and could be a comedy to keep an eye late this year when it gets released on December 11th this year. Slammin Salmon already aired at the Sundance Festival earlier this year so your friend Google should be able to help you turn up a few reviews if you need more confirmation, but so far everyone seems to be giving it the thumbs up and it’s definitely going on my list of movies to watch this Christmas.

You can take a look at the trailer for The Slammin Salmon below.