The Signal, Horton hears a who & Drillbit Taylor – Posted


Once again this week we have a mix of posters from a variety of genre’s and movie styles. First up is the The Signal, a horror film that is dragging its heels on its release. After first being shown at the Sundance in early 2007 its finally due to be released in February 2008 after a year long wait. With good reviews all round for this sci fi horror movie, that is distinctly split into 3 segments, all being handled by a different director. By all accounts this makes for a low budget quirky movie that is already being hailed as a cult film in the making. Ill be keeping an eye out for this one come early next year.

Next we are back to that current staple and almost dangerously flooded, animation market. This time the hero of the movie is an elephant named Horton who is backed up by a typically cute cast of CG co stars. The story revolves around Horton as he tries to save a group of creatures living in a speck of dust, the speck is so small no one actually believes that anything could live on it and are determined to get Horton to see this. Horton follows suit to other animation movies with the recent exception of Ratatouille, and has a star studded cast including Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, Seth Rogen, Isla Fisher, Dane Cook and Jaime Pressly.

Finally we end on a new movie for Owen Wilson called Drillbit Taylor, a comedy about a low budget bodyguard who is hired by two kids to protect them from the school yard bully. So far i like the name and Wilson is always funny if you like his brand of comedy. Drillbit Taylor is also due out in early 2008 around February time.

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