The Italian Job – Rewind




In 2003 a reworking of the 1967 movie ‘The Italian Job’ was released. So 30 years and a much loved classic movie that is on tv most years at some point gets an update with a mainly american cast. Your not going to get any quotes as good from the new one as the origional movie had, and im sure you know the quotes i mean so i wont mention them. The story is only really linked too by the fact its a heist of gold that starts in italy and involves mini’s as the getaway vehicles.

The ensemble cast in the remake dont actually do a bad job, you have Mark Whalberg heading the cast for the good guys, well anti heros really, their still theives, Charlize Theron plays the cool and calm safe cracker and the rest of the cast includes Seth Green, Donald Sutherland, Mos Def, Ed Norton and Jason Stratham supporting. The movie starts off about the gold but soon gets personal when friendships are crossed and lines are drawn, now its definately personal, this leads to some nice build ups and payoffs through the movie.

Some great product placement is layed out with copious shots of the Mini’s in action, but unless your venemously against the look of the car your not going to be too bothered, all the scenes are fun and good to watch, they probably helped the success of the Mini in the States.Dont go into the movie expecting a carbon copy of the origional and youll enjoy it more, its a fun little movie which does exactly what you expect and holds up for the majority of the running time. Interesting news is that a sequel is reportedly in the works, titled ‘the Brazilian job’ due out around 2008, with most of the cast returning.