RocknRolla Reviews Ride in


RocknRolla Guy Ritchie’s latest London underbelly gangster flick is nearly due out and slowly but surely the reviews are starting to come in. So, and this is the question, after 2 less than good films in Swept Away and Revolver, has the magic come back for this, Ritchie’s 3rd foray into the style that made Lock Stock an overnight success, and pulled in the A Lister’s for Snatch. Compared to directors like Quentin Tarantino I actually though Ritchie had quite an original style when Lock Stock first came out. And recently that style has been imitated stateside in the scarily Guy Ritchie like Smokin Aces.

Well with an impressive cast, I’m personally itching to see RocknRolla, however I haven’t had chance to see it yet, but some lucky people have. If you’re interesting in taking a look I’ve complied a short list of af few of the current reviews out there.

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