Rocknrolla review


Rocknrolla is Guy Ritchie’s latest foray into his most successful genre, the comedy gangster movie, sporting a well thought out plotline, lots of silly character names and some embarrassing situations. The story follows a Russian mobster who is running a real estate operation that should net him a tasty profit. Everyone and their dog ends up somehow involved with accountants, mobsters, small time crooks and drug addict rock stars all wrapped up in some way shape or form in the main event.

With a pretty impressive cast who all really turn in suitably Ritchie style performances, the movie comes across quite full on after the initially slow start which is well paced to give you the background to the characters and show how they will be integrated in the story. From Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Mark Strong, Idris Elba, Jeremy Piven, Gemma Arterton and Thandie Newton, the cast is almost all British which makes sense as the movie is set in London.

Stylish looking with the usual Guy Richtie flair, and in my opinion a fun movie, Rocknrolla has some laugh out loud moments some violent moments and quite a stacked plot which only just manages to resolve itself in the already quite long running time. There is no other British director that has the style of Guy Ritchie, and his movies crossover to America pretty well. If Rocknrolla is a success you can expect to possibly see two more movies, here’s hoping it is a Success.