RocknRolla, Guy Ritchie is back


Lock Stock & Two Smoking barrels was the most stylish British movie to turn up in ages back in 1998, it was also a big hit and rightly so. With an ensemble mostly British cast including sting, Vinnie Jones, Dexter Fletcher and Jason Stratham it launched Director Guy Ritchie instantly to stardom.

Well Ritchie is now back in the swing of it with his upcoming movie RocknRolla, once again Ritchie has turned to British actors and actresses to fill the role. Gerard Butler is on board along with Thandie Newton and Tom Wilkinson. For the American actors we have Jeremy Piven who starred in the Lock Stock wannabe Smokin Aces.

RocknRolla’s story is based upon a Russian Mobsters real estate land scam that raises a whole lot of cash, now the London mobsters want a bite of the apple, they want to get their hands on the cash too.

From the sounds of it RocknRolla is back to the subject which brought him his success with Lock Stock and Snatch, if it’s anywhere near as good as either of those two ill be happy. Filming started in June this year so expect RocknRolla sometimes in 2008.