Robert Rodriguez’s Machete to be Full Movie


Machete is the trailer that featured in Grindhouse and was full on B movie style, of course that was exactly what Rodriguez was looking for and now it seems that Machete is getting it’s own movie starring Rodriguez regular Danny Trejo as the aforementioned title character Machete.

If you were one of the people that didn’t watch Grindhouse or more specifically Planet Terror, then really give that flick a rent, it was damn silly but so jam packed full of really cool scene and atmosphere that it’s too good to miss.  If you throw in the spoof trailers, Grindhouse proved to be one of my favorite pieces of film from 2007, even though Death Proof was not quite the film it should have been.

Well I first read about the full version of Machete over at where they talk about how Robert De Niro might even be making an appearance.  Also covered is how Michelle Rodriguez is rumored to be in the film too, you can read the full story here.  And if you haven’t seen the original trailer for Machete in Grindhouse be sure to take a look at it over on YouTube.

Interesting note is that when Rodriguez first met Danny Trejo he said that he should be the Mexican version of Jean Claude Van Damme or Charles Bronson and turn out a movie a year but that instead of being called Danny Trejo, he should be called Machete and hence why the trailer and now the movie is called Machete.