Red Sonja – Posted Special


This week instead of focusing on 3 different movie posters, we’re going to be focusing on just the one film and still keeping the 3 posters. The film this week is the upcoming remake of the cult movie fantasy movie Red Sonja. Released back in 1985 Red Sonja was a swords and sorcery movie that was universally panned by movie critics and fantasy fans alike with everything from the tone of the story to the acting criticized. Sometimes though movies that receive this kind of attention turn out to be long standing cult favourite movies and Red Sonja has turned out to be no exception to this rule. With a performance by Brigitte Nielsen playing the statuesque Red Sonja, a cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan the Barbarian, and a Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone there are some things to like about Red Sonja.

Let’s start with a quick history lesson on one of the most famous Amazonian style female warriors, Red Sonja. First appearing in a short story called ‘The Day of the Sword’ for a couple of fantasy publications, the then Red Sonya was changed to Red Sonja and was adapted for comics by Roy Thomas, lots of things were altered bringing us up to date with the Red Sonja we know from the first film.

The new movie is due out in 2010 and stars Rose McGowan in the title role. Apart from this there isn’t very much known about the movie yet. Robert Rodriguez is presenting with Doug Aarniokoski directing who has worked on all kinds of films as first and second unit director. All we really know so far is, that if the movie looks as good as the posters people will want to see it!

The new Red Sonja posters instantly grabbed my attention the minute I saw them, with a mix of photography and visual flair they really stand out. Stylish and artistic they set the tone for anyone who knows the original story and it definitely looks as though its going to be a little darker. Just for kicks you can also take a look at the promotional poster for the original movie, first seen all those years ago back in 1985.

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