Prince of Persia – Dastan Featurette


With the release date for Prince of Persia nearing, then we are getting to see more and more or the movie and its stars. No doubt Walt Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer, who teamed up for the very successful Pirates trilogy are expecting similar things from the Prince of Persia and from what has been shown so far they should be feeling confident.

The movie definately looks great and it has a solid cast and two likeable leads in Jake Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton playing Prince Dastan and Tamina respectively. backing up the relative youngster are old timers Ben Kingsley and Alfred Molina bringing the experience and high drama to the movie.

Walt Disney recently released a featurette for The Prince of Persia focusing on Gyllenhaal’s character Prince Dastan and you can take a look at that below.