Predators – Upcoming Predator Franchise Reboot


Predators is an upcoming reboot of the Predator franchise with Robert Rodriguez in the producer role for the 20th Century Fox Film.  Lots of rumours have been buzzing about regarding the Predators project with Neil Marshall, of The Descent and Dog Soldiers fame being lined up to direct.  This would make sense as Marshall latest film Centurion is now in post production and with Robert Rodriguez wanting to do some directing but not take the lead on Predators.

The film is reported to be a prequel where we learn more about the Predator race and as such would precede the original flick which starred Schwarzenegger as the soldier trapped in the jungle trying to outwit the alien hunter.  Personally i would love to see a reboot on the Predator franchise as the Aliens Vs Predator movies never really did it for me, and with Rodriguez producing and a possible Neil Marshall directing this has the potential to be very cool.

Like i say lots of the Predators talk at the moment is not yet signed on the dotted line but with rumors of the film starring multiple predators rather than the solitary one we saw in the original movie i hope all the talk is true.  If you want to check out more stories on Predators be sure to hop on over to Bloody Disgusting where they have a few stories on the current speculation.