Posted – Zombieland and Legion


This week in posted we have two movies that have similar levels of violence but deal with them in very different ways.

Zombieland is a zombie movie with a twist, the characters don’t seem to be too worried about the zombie hordes and instead are quite happy to come up with inventive ways to dispatch their flesh eating foes.  If you haven’t heard about Zombieland yet the trailer really does do a good job of getting you excited to see who is going to win the zombie killing award, and you can read more about Zombieland here.

The poster itself is pretty standard in layout and design but that great lettering really makes it shine, Zombieland is due out October the 9th.

Next up this week is Legion the much anticipated apocalyptic fantasy thriller which stars Paul Bettany as the archangel Micheal who is attempting to save the worlds population from extinction when God decides to inflict his wrath on the planet.  With a pretty varied cast Legion looks pretty full on action packed comic adaptation.  The poster itself is pretty powerful due to the iconic angel image but doesn’t give anything else away for that you need to check out the trailer.  Legion is due out early 2010.