Mystery Men – Rewind



Mystery Men pokes fun at the superhero genre as we follow the exploits of a group of wannabe super heroes who just aren’t very good at being superheroes. Constantly overshadowed by Captain Amazing who is the city’s well know crime fighter, they are struggling to find a reason to continue with their night time crime fighting.

Captain Amazing, through his own ego and need for superbaddies to fight, to keep his sponsors happy, he slips up and gets caught by a recently released super villain who captures him and holds him prisoner. When the aspiring superheroes notice Amazing is gone they attempt a rescue plan.

Mystery men is an underdog story that feature a wide and varied cast, which is really what keeps this slightly long caper going. Most of the scenes are humorous rather than funny and the overall premise is silly, and jokes at the whole idea of superheroes.

Definitely not the greatest movie ever, some of the acting, casting and voices will make you cringe but some of the acting will keep you involved. This is the basic problem of Mystery Men its hit and miss, while having some good moments you just wonder what went wrong as the rather good final scene ends.