More Live Action Ghost in the Shell News


More news has surfaced regarding the upcoming Ghost in the Shell Live action movie, which is not necessarily something that really needs to be made for anyone who has seen the original, but for those people that absolutely refuse to even watch 1 minute of animation but like their science fiction, then Ghost in the Shell has the potential to be a whole new live action movie experience that could blow their mind.

News has it from via that the script isn’t coming along quite as fast as Dreamworks hoped and it’s now onto its second writer, Laeta Kalogridis who was the scriptwriter on the awesome Vampire flick Night Watch although its hard to judge just how good of a job was done there seeing as it was not dubbed into English with the most love and affection.

So good news to be gleamed from this is that obviously they are working hard to get this right before they go ahead and produce it, which is always a good thing.  If they mess up Ghost in the Shell for a live action audience they will be wasting a massive license as anyone who  has seen the Anime will know, that it’s got a great storyline and cast of characters and is a really intriguing science fiction prospect that has already influenced recent movie Surrogates.