James Cameron still planning on Battle Angel Alita


Another well known manga is in line to get the Hollywood makeover and this time is Battle Angel Alita, due to be directed than none other than James Cameron. Cameron, who despite having Titanic on his resume, was the director of more than a couple of science fiction classics, from The Abyss, to Aliens, and the Terminator. Cameron makes a solid sci fi flick, and this really is his niche market.

Battle Angel Alita is due to be a mix of live action and CGI, with the title character Alita being a CG character performed by a real actor. While it was originally announced back in 2002 that Cameron intended to get this movie made, news is still short on the ground until Joblo dug up this info from Marketsaw on one of the concept artists working on the live action Battle Angel Alita, Mark Goemer.

With a movie like this, the look will have to be spot on so it’s interesting to get an early insight into how this is being imagined from the eyes of the concept artist. You can read the original article at Joblo here where they have a little more info on the movie or you can jump straight to the interview with concept artist Mark Goemer here at site Marketsaw. If you more intrigued to find out more about the original manga you will want to visit here.